Your product is one-of-a-kind, your story should be too.

We're like your Swiss Army knife

We do it all. Our team of creatives are dedicated to helping you realize your brand’s power and bringing your project to life.

We’re tired of video content that’s all flash and no substance. Whether producing your commercial, documentary, social video, stop motion animation, or short film, we will turn your project into a unique expression with a story that sticks.

Story is crucial. People think in stories, communicate in stories, even dream in stories. We don't need another PowerPoint presentation, we need more storytellers.
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The Team

Will Sullivan

Founder | Director / Producer

Will has spent 10+ years in the agency-world; all that time and experience prepared him to create Vision One Agency. He’s filled many roles in the past: cinematographer, producer, director, account manager, etc. He has a true passion for creating content for brands he believes in.

Ben Fout

Co-Founder | DP / Director

Ben has become a master of his filmmaking craft. A Director by day and Cinematographer by night, you may find him on an occasional editing bender. Daylight deprived and technologically overloaded. But overall he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, the right way, the first time.

Ricky Staffieri

Co-Founder | Creative Producer / Writer

Based in Los Angeles, Ricky is one of our heads of production working closely with clients to oversee the entire creative process from developing ideas off the page all the way to the shoot! When he’s not working on cool projects with his cool friends, he’s probably flexing his green thumb in his backyard garden, or eating an Italian sub. Probably both.

Halonah Paiss

Senior Video Editor

From narrative to non-fiction, Halonah never shies away from a powerful story. As an editor, she is dedicated, motivated and eager to turn your vision into a reality.

John Lombard

Frequent Collaborator – Scriptwriter

John is a straight up writing nerd. He’s studied sketch comedy at Second City and has a long standing background in writing comedy ads and web pieces for many well known brands.

Layla Hannaford


Layla has been creating films for the past decade and has never been one to back down from a challenge. She is not only a filmmaker, but a graphic designer and animator. Her experience with graphics lets her view shapes, color and movement in a unique way.

Tucker Barrie

Stop Motion Animator

From Isle of Dogs to Nickeloden; Tucker has been part of many well known stop motion projects as well as leading his own productions. Tucker brings a unique aspect to the V1A team and continues to think outside the box with his creativity.

Pat Washington

Production / Post Assistant

Always ready to assist on set or during post-production, Pat is passionate about the power of storytelling. The collaboration and resourcefulness required to successfully create impactful media constantly make him grateful to be a part of this industry.

Alexandra Marie

Project Manager

With a curious and creative spirit, Alex is always eager to discover new stories. Her artistic eye and strong customer service background provide our clients a unique balance in project management and bringing their visions to life. When she’s not geeking out over branding, you’ll probably find Alex getting lost in nature or cuddling her cats.

Nick Severson

Freelance Operations

Nick has a wealth of experience not just in the video industry but in IT and insurance industries as well. His understanding of running a business day in-day out is quintessential at V1A.

Jeff Bloom

DP / Editor / Animator

Jeff has experience in many cross sections of content; short films, political campaigns, and commercials. Not only does he have a well trained eye behind the camera, he is very skilled with animations & post-production.

Keely Valentine

Production Assistant

Excited and ready to embark on the adventure of production and media. Keely is passionate about creativity and storytelling, her mind is constantly creating and visualizing things that she would love to bring to fruition and captivate an audience.