Campus Clutch USA 2023

Red Bull’s biggest e-sports initiative is a global collegiate Valorant competition. We produced a documentary following 3 of the top teams!

We feel super lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Red Bull! This was such a fun project for us because it was two worlds that we love that came together – documentary and gaming!

We visited Fisher College, Winthrop University, and Northwood University and interviewed 3 of the top teams in the Campus Clutch 2023 competition as they led up to the USA Finals in Chicago, IL. That winner would go on to compete on the global battleground in Istanbul, Turkey.

In post we put together a 5 minute piece that shows each team’s background and also covers the intense USA Finals. We had a blast working with all the teams and crafting this story in such a changing industry.

  • EditorTony Fay
  • AnimationLayla Hannaford
  • Sound Design & MixingEddie Rodriguez
  • PhotographyShea Flynn